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​Welcome to, the leading online resource dedicated to excellence and high standards in the cremation process and the best quality products and services in the cremation equipment industry. We know it is a privilege to serve the needs of American families in this industry today, and we aim to help all crematorium operators to meet the highest standards of care and respect throughout the cremation process.

Through constant review of the latest news, information, tips and trends in the field of crematory equipment and supplies, we provide the information to explore new design concepts and innovative crematory manufacturing techniques. Those crematoriums dedicated to providing their customers the latest in technology and optimum efficiency today will be the leaders in the cremation industry tomorrow. That’s why we provide the most comprehensive links and access to the latest resources covering everything related to the crematorium industry including the latest industrial technology in the crematorium equipment industry and the best practices in crematory methods.  We provide the data that modern cremators and their customers both need to make sure they stay on top of the most technologically advanced and most economical developments in the industry. adheres to the industry code of ethics and believes in maintaining the highest standards of beauty, peace and tranquility throughout the cremation process. We know it is a great responsibility to be entrusted with the service and closure cremation represents for all families, and we strive to help all cremators in the U.S. today to meet those responsibilities and ensure the industry’s best practices are reflected in the way they deal with the departed loved ones throughout the cremation process. We deliver access to the latest best practices include abiding by all government regulations including those of the health department and adhering to all industry association guidelines and ethics. The best crematoriums follow a code of behavior that ensures identification remains alongside the deceased throughout the cremation process, the remains of an individual are not mixed with other cremated remains, and that all cremated remains are handled in a dignified manner. continually delivers news and updated information on all aspects of the industry that every operator needs to know in order to maintain the highest standards and ethics that are of the foundation of professional service in the cremation industry today.
Explore the entire site today and learn more about the systems and equipment that can reduce costs today and increase customer satisfaction in the future. Bookmark now and be sure to check back often for the latest updates on crematory equipment and supplies.